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Proper Na Beer Serving Temperatures

Proper Na Beer Serving Temperatures

Temperature is one of the most important things about beer, especially about NA Beer! 

Unlike the Australian Restaurant that serves everything in a Frozen Mug. Remember beer is a beverage, and just like all beverages...temperature matters!

Think Coffee - Extremely bitter beverage , Serve it (Hot, Hot) and its not bitter anymore

Now Think Beer? You want that bitterness, the crispness the subtle flavors of malt and hops . Serving something colder allows the bitterness and full flavor to come through easier. While masking any unpleasant flavors that occur during the brewing process.

So Cheers to Drinking Good Brews.... ditch the Aussie Mug for anything besides Lagers and Cream Ales (No offense we love the Blooming Onion)

Brrrr. Very Cold. Ultra Crisp like the Rockies. These brews deserve a frosty pint glass, maybe one of our own. Enjoy the Great taste of a Ice Cold American Lager, Similar to Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn Golden Lager.



MMM. Cold but not too cold, taste the wheat , taste the malt. Temperature at this range allow full flavor to develop. 

Cool, just like how you are! Best part of these brews are the rich , full body stouts, that we hope to see in the near future with Na technology increasing giving us the best flavor and body that the OG Stouts gave us.(Patiently waiting for Guinness 0.0 in the States) 


Cellar , Just like the perfect Red Wine,  Imagine a wine cellar , and walking into the room and seeing a beautiful bottled conditioned scotch ale, just an NA version.(I can only wish). 

Warm... Don't let that fool you, Warm in the sense of a beer , about 50F or 10C. Not room temperature. Similar to cCellar but the perfect temperature to taste all the fragrant hops and subtle yeast flavors. 



Sources: The Oxford Companion to Beer by Garrett Oliver et al; Tasting Beer: An Insider’s Guide to the World’s Greatest Drink by Randy Mosher.

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